Binance-Voyager Deal Approved: Voyager Users Rejoice!

• US government approved the Binance-Voyager deal, relieving users.
• Multiple agencies tried to block the deal due to inadequate disclosures from Binance.US.
• Voyager users are now able to withdraw their assets from the bankrupt lender.

Binance-Voyager Deal Approved

The US government has finally approved the Binance-Voyager deal, causing relief among users of the exchange who were in a state of uncertainty for some time. Despite multiple attempts by agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to block the acquisition plan, it has been given approval and will move forward shortly.

Relief Among Users

Users have expressed their joy on social media at this resolution, with many thanking the government for their decision. However, some remain skeptical, asking when they will be able to access their funds once again. The proposed plan allows Voyager users to withdraw all of their assets from the bankrupt lender once it comes through. This is why 97% of them voted in favor of it despite initial opposition from US regulators.

Opposition From Regulators

The SEC had argued that Binance.US did not provide adequate disclosures to its users about the transaction prior to approval being granted for it; however, this was ignored by those at court and it was ultimately decided that it would go ahead as planned anyway. The FTC also filed motions against this plan but these were rejected too and now Voyager customers can look forward to reclaiming what is theirs soon enough.

What Comes Next?

Once this stipulation is approved by the District Court then things will move forward quickly according to Voyager’s Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (UCC). They have not revealed any further details about what exactly will occur following approval however as negotiations between themselves and Binance are ongoing at present time; therefore we must wait until more information becomes available before learning more specifics about how exactly this situation will be handled moving forwards..


The approval of this merger between Binance and Voyager has brought much relief among those who use or had used services provided by both companies previously; although there is still more work needed done before all issues can be resolved completely, its a step in right direction which looks set benefit customers greatly in near future once everything is finalized correctly after going through necessary processes required finalizing any major business deals successfully..