Bitboy Ignores $1B Court Order: I Will Not Be Showing Up

• Bitboy, a crypto influencer, has been accused of participating in the paid promotion of FTX.
• A court ordered him to appear in order to address the harassment claims against plaintiff lawyers.
• Despite this, Bitboy announced he would not be showing up to court on Thursday.

FTX Case Against Crypto Influencer Bitboy

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida recently issued an order summoning crypto influencer Ben „Bitboy“ Armstrong to address harassment claims against plaintiff lawyers in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters.

Background on the Lawsuit

Following evidence of harassment against plaintiff lawyers, Armstrong was ordered by the court to appear with his attorney on April 20th. The lawsuit is connected to FTX’s collapse and there have been numerous accusations made against those who promoted the exchange and its token, FTT. Armstrong was named in one such lawsuit which accused him of engaging in undisclosed paid promotion of FTX and FTT.

Bitboy Refuses To Attend Court Hearing

Despite being summoned by the court, Armstrong took it upon himself to announce on Twitter that he would not be attending the hearing scheduled for Thursday April 20th. He also used his platform to verbally abuse plaintiff lawyers who were heading up this lawsuit, alleging a failure to do due diligence.

Twitter Reacts To Bitboys Actions

Upon hearing news of Armstrongs refusal many members from the crypto community had something say about it , some even suggesting that he could risk being charged with contempt by ignoring this court order .


At this time it is unclear what will come from Armstrongs decision but one thing is certain , if found guilty he could face serious consequences for disregarding a direct court order .