Coinbase Launches Creator Hub for Quick NFT Creation

• Coinbase NFT has launched the Creator Hub, a platform designed to help users create, promote, and sell NFTs.
• The new hub serves as a “one-stop shop” for all of Coinbase’s creator tools that make launching an NFT collection and building a community easier.
• Coinbase NFT is struggling with its dwindling marketplace volume despite introducing the new Creator Hub.

Coinbase Rolls Out Creator Hub

Coinbase NFT has launched the Creator Hub to make it easier for users to create, promote, and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The new platform serves as a „one-stop shop“ for all of Coinbase’s creator tools that make launching an NFT collection and building a community more accessible.

Features of the Creator Hub

The Creator Hub enables users to create NFTs through a three-step process by choosing a contract, setting minting preferences, adding descriptions, prices and timings before listing on any marketplace. It also allows users to track their collections across top marketplaces on Discord by setting up an NFT bot. Furthermore, they can embed their collections on websites to gain more exposure or create token-gated experiences accessible only by authorized holders. Moreover, they can download lists of their collection’s holders and establish direct communication with them.

Coinbase Struggling To Gain Traction

Coinbase introduced the new Creator Hub on March 16th 2023 via Twitter thread in order to regain traction after struggling to gain popularity since its launch in 2022. Despite showing optimism for NFTs, the centralized crypto exchange is still seeing dwindling volumes in its marketplace compared to OpenSea’s 24 hours volume on Ethereum of over $12 million dollars..

Pausing Creator Drops on Marketplace

In order focus on other features Coinbase had announced pausing creator drops on its marketplace but after introducing the new Creators‘ hub these worries seem forgotten .


The introduction of the Creators‘ hub could be seen as an attempt from Coinbase tryingto revitalize interest in its platform while struggling against decentralized competitors such as OpenSea..