Ripple & SUPER HOW? to Revolutionize CBDCs with Axiology Project

• Ripple and SUPER HOW? have partnered together on the Axiology project, which seeks to test and issue transformative digital assets.
• The core of the Axiology project lies in its tokenized securities trading and settlement system (DLT TSS) infrastructure.
• The collaboration aims to develop a regulatory-compliant infrastructure in line with the European Union DLT Pilot Regime Regulation.

Ripple & SUPER HOW? Partner Up

Ripple has joined forces with Lithuania-based private blockchain technology research lab, SUPER HOW?, to bolster regulators’ confidence in the safety and security of digital assets, including central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins. This dynamic collaboration is part of the Axiology project, which is testing and issuing transformative digital assets.

Axiology Project Core

The core of the Axiology project lies in its tokenized securities trading and settlement system (DLT TSS) infrastructure. Through this infrastructure, multiple layers of current capital market infrastructures can coexist on a single technology layer; allowing for new business models, process efficiencies, and invaluable synergies. Built on XRP Ledger technology, this project presents a tangible real-world application for tokenization and digital assets contributing to the XRPL ecosystem’s growth.

EU Regulatory Vision

The EU has an ambitious vision for a progressive regulatory environment in both retail capital markets as well as crypto economies; something that Axiology’s CEO Dr Marius Jurgilas wholeheartedly supports by positioning his company at the forefront of this movement . The Ripple x SUPER HOW? partnership aims to further advance blockchain technology in finance while forging ahead with DLT Pilot Regime regulations compliant with EU requirements .

Benefits For CBDCs & Stablecoins

By establishing a secure platform for these asset classes , Ripple & SUPERHOW? are paving a path for innovation within financial services by enabling CBDCs and stablecoins to be traded more efficiently . This will result in cost savings , improved transparency & compliance , faster transaction times , more accurate reporting , plus greater access via mobile applications .

Conclusion Ripple’s collaboration with SUPER HOW? highlights its commitment towards delivering real world use cases for CBDCs whilst also showcasing their dedication towards advancing blockchain technology within finance . Furthermore it provides an opportunity for companies across Europe to benefit from increased efficiency when dealing with tokenized securities.