Unlock the Future: Meet the Most Innovative Blockchain Startups of Paris Blockchain Week

• Paris Blockchain Week has seen an influx of innovative startups looking to increase crypto adoption.
• These startups are working on use cases ranging from user security to developer tools.
• Security and development remain the two primary areas of focus for new crypto projects.


Paris Blockchain Week is one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe, showcasing the most innovative startups aiming to boost crypto adoption. Startups are focusing on use cases such as user security and developer tools, with the goal of making blockchain more accessible and secure for users.

Web3 Antivirus – Boosting Crypto Security

Security is a major concern for those who are new to the blockchain space, which is why Web3 Antivirus was created. This browser extension scans incoming blockchain transactions and blocks malicious ones in order to create a comprehensive database and oracle network that would neutralize all blockchain malware. Alex Dulub, founder of Web3 Antivirus, believes that these types of security tools will make crypto much more accessible for users who want to join the space without falling victim to scams.

QuickNode – Cloud Development for Blockchain

The growth of DeFi depends on developers creating decentralized applications on major blockchains, which is where QuickNode comes into play. This cloud-based service makes it much easier for developers to host their DApps by using designated nodes instead of running their own nodes. This reduces the barrier to entry when it comes to developing on blockchains and allows more people access into this space so they can start building their own projects. Radek Sienkiewicz, Developer Advocate at QuickNode, believes that these types of services will simplify blockchain development significantly.

Alyra – Teaching a New Generation of Blockchain Professionals

Alyra provides educational resources that teach students how they can become involved in the world of blockchain technology, whether through coding courses or informational materials about what’s going on in the industry right now. Founder Sebastien Besson believes that providing education about blockchain technology will help shape a new generation skilled professionals who can drive innovation forward within this sector as well as increase adoption levels among everyday users who may not know how beneficial it can be yet.


The future looks bright for the blockchain industry due to its high level of innovation as seen at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 despite macroeconomic risks and volatility in certain markets like crypto trading exchanges. It’s clear that security remains one area needing improvement if we want mass adoption but there are also plenty of solutions being offered by startups such as Web3 Antivirus or QuickNode which make developing Dapps easier than ever before plus educational platforms like Alyra teaching users about how they can get involved with cryptocurrency too!